I made this simple arrangement of Wish I’d Stayed in the Wagon Yard years ago for my tunebook, based on Lowe Stokes’ recording from a November 1st, 1929, session in Atlanta, released as Columbia 15557-D.

Stokes’ recording is the only version listed under the title ‘Wish I’d Stayed in the Wagon Yard’ in Tony Russell’s comprehensive country music discography,  though there are two recordings listed as ‘Stay in the Wagon Yard.’ Joe Shelton of the Shelton Brothers recorded it at a session in Chicago on February 23, 1935,  and Peg Moreland’s July 1928 recording of ‘Stay in the Wagon Yard’ predates both the Stokes and Shelton recordings.

The Shelton recording has an interesting circle of fifths bridge that deviates from the chords shown here.

Wish I'd Stayed in the Wagon

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