This is another “Sunset Waltz”, unrelated to the Mississippi Mud Steppers tune, transcribed at the request of a reader. The tune is in three strains, similar to a classic American march, and, as is often the case with marches, it modulates to the subdominant for the final strain. The first two strains are in the key of C major, and the final strain is in F major. The middle strain is a short eight bar section that sets up the modulation to the subdominant through a chain of dominant chords beginning in bar 29.

The tune was recorded by the Grinnell Giggers in Memphis, Tennessee, on Wednesday, November 26, 1930, and released by Victor as Victor #2362. The Giggers were not connected to Grinnell College in Iowa, but rather took their name from “grinnel,” a name commonly used for the bowfin fish in Akrkansas. The group recorded a total of eight sides over two sessions in 1930. They were led by Ben Tinnon, a fiddler born in Holcomb, Missouri, in the southeastern tip of the state, across the St. Francis river from Arkansas. The Giggers were a trio comprised of fiddle, mandolin, and guitar.

Sunset Waltz (Grinnell Giggers)

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