The Hill Billies (aka Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters) recorded Walking in the Parlor at a New York session on October 22nd, 1926. It is one of three recordings listed in Tony Russell’s Country Music Records under that title, the others being by Dr. D.D. Hollis and The Pickard Family.

The tune is a simple AABB fiddle tune in D major with short 4-bar strains. The fairly simple source material is made more interesting through a clever arrangement that introduces textural variations by juxtaposing statements of the melody supported by the full ensemble with sections supported by an individual accompanist.

Walking in the Parlor

The Hill Billies and Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters were the same group, using the former moniker for their Vocalion recordings, and the latter for their Brunswick releases. As this recording is only known to have been released on Vocalion, we can safely credit it to The Hill Billies.

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