Fiddlin’ Doc Roberts recorded Waynesburgh at an August 26th, 1927, session in Richmond, Indiana. His recording is the only recording of this tune under this title to be released before 1942. It was released as Gennett # 6257, as well as on the Gennett-affiliated labels Champion (# 15549, credited to Fiddlin’ Jim Burke), Silvertone (# 5078 and # 8182, both credited to Fiddlin’ Jim Burke), and Supertone (# 9168, credited to Jim Burke)

The Tune is a straightforward AABB fiddle tune in the key of G major. The transcription has the first A strain written out in full, as Roberts introduces some subtle variations in the second eight bars. The melody is very similar to a common tune in C major, Billy in the Low Groundmoved up one string on the fiddle to sound in G major.

Guitarist John Booker’s accompaniment varies more than is indicated in the transcription. He doesn’t introduce the secondary dominant (A7) until midway through the recording. Consequently, where A7 is written, one can play either A7 or D7.


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