This transcription is based on a performance Alex Hood and His Railroad Boys recorded at their only recording date, an April 8th, 1930, Knoxville session that produced two sides.

A transcription of L and N Rag appeared in my book, but there are three significant issues with that transcription:

  1. It is in the wrong key
  2. Several phrases are transcribed incorrectly
  3. I (deliberately) omitted the rhythmic strangeness in the second strain

The first two issues I can chalk up to problems with the source recording I used — it was likely mastered at the wrong speed, and had significant surface noise. This transcription used the CD reissue on the Yazoo compilation The Stuff Dreams are Made Of, which is considerably clearer. That said, it’s still sometimes difficult to hear passages clearly, particularly in the second strain.

As for the rhythmic strangeness in the second strain, it’s here in all its glory. Enjoy.

L and N Rag

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